• Demand Shifts in Monopoly Markets, with J.Coleff  (2024), forthcoming.
  • Price Discrimination: Teaching New Results with Simple Exercises, with J. Coleff  (2023), Journal of Economic Education

Working Papers

  • Licensing Sequential Cost-Reducing Innovations, 2024, submitted. (with J. Coleff).
  • Patent Licensing in Product Variety Networks, 2023 (with M. Ross Fernandes).
  • First Class in Statistics and Econometrics: A Classroom Demonstration, 2023 (with Y. Chao).
  • Licensing with Entry: Fees vs. Royalties, 2022.
  • Licensing Sequential Innovations, 2022.
  • Sudan Conflict: A Network Approach, 2020 (with S. CentorrinoM. Ross Fernandes and A. Melo Ponce).

Work in Progress

  • Dual Distribution in Franchising, 2018 (with J. Coleff).
  • Patent Licensing, Entry, and the Incentives to Innovate, 2018.